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  • Little Knowledge about Cleaning Fiber Optic Connector
    Posted: 06/13/2016 04:05:01  Hits: 90
    I. Why don't use cotton with alcohol to clean the fiber optic? The cleaning requirements of fiber optic connectors are much higher than that of camera lens. The fiber of cotton or the lens paper is coarse, and it is easy to cause the abrasion of fiber optic connectors. Foreign manufacturers did...
  • Two Major Problems of FTTH: Anti-Bending & On-Site Installation
    Posted: 05/11/2016 02:50:56  Hits: 230
    In recent years, the development of fiber optical cables makes the deployment of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) become faster, more reliable and economical. The infrastructure of broadband telecommunications has a positive impact on global economy, so as to Chinese undoubtedly. Compared with xDSL (Digital...
  • Factors for Connection Errors of Fiber Connectors
    Posted: 03/21/2016 02:46:55  Hits: 244
    No matter how excellent the polishing and connecting skills, the false operation and damage of material also can result to connection errors. There are five factors that may contribute to connection errors, including pollution, fiber fragmentation, broken fiber, large cutting gap and the biased clea...
  • Maintenance Work for Fiber Optic Cable Lines
    Posted: 02/29/2016 04:10:02  Hits: 198
    Due to different constructing and laying patterns, the specific maintenance work of fiber optic cable lines may be a little different. However, generally it can be divided into two ways: routine maintenance and technical maintenance. 1.Routine Maintenance Routine maintenance work is based on the te...
  • Features of Fiber Optic Patch Panels
    Posted: 02/17/2016 05:20:58  Hits: 243
    Fiber optic patch panels, namely, the fiber distribution panels whose major function is to end up the fiber cable and offer access to single fiber for cross connection.  Generally, the fiber optic panel is consisting of a metallic frame that encloses the adapter panel, the connector couplers a...
  • Advantages of MTP/ MPO Connectors
    Posted: 12/22/2015 11:44:22  Hits: 369
    Compared with traditional fiber optic connectors, MTP / MPO connectors improve the capacity to 24times, and offer better solutions to 40G bandwidth. So what advantages result in the popularity of MTP / MPO connectors? 1. High density of MTP / MPO connectors ① A single MTP / MPO connector can acco...
  • Major Differences between Single and Multi Mode Fiber Cables
    Posted: 12/11/2015 10:44:56  Hits: 244
    According to the transmission mode, fiber cables can be divided into single-mode cables and multi-mode cables. Single-mode fiber optic cable (SMF) 1. The single-mode cable can only transmit tone mode; therefore there is no mode dispersion. 2. The single-mode cable use solid laser as its light sour...
  • Major Technical Indicators of Fiber Optic Splitters
    Posted: 12/05/2015 10:13:16  Hits: 274
    There are several important technical indicators for fiber optic splitters. 1. Insertion loss  The insertion loss means the comparison of optical loss between each optical splitter and the total ones. The formula is Ai=-10lg Pouti/Pin, the Ai means the insertion loss of single output, the Pout...
  • How to Reduce the Loss of Fiber Optic Cables
    Posted: 11/24/2015 10:35:56  Hits: 290
    There are many factors can lead to the loss of fiber optic cables, how to reduce the loss in fiber transmission is the essential issue to be focused. There are mainly two kinds of transmission loss of fiber cables: the splice loss (e.g. intrinsic loss and connection loss) and the non-splice loss (e....
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