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Qingdao International Fiber Cable Exhibition, July 28 to 30, 2016
Posted: 03/28/2016 05:32:23  Hits: 256
Name: The 15th Qingdao International Fiber Cable Exhibition.
Dates: July 28 to 30, 2016.
Venue: Hall one of Qingdao International Convention.
Address: Miaoling Road No. 9, Laoshan District, Qingdao, China.
Organizers: Asian Economic Development Promotion Center, China International Trade Promotion Association, Branch of China Institute of Electronics Components etc.

Currently, China has more than 6000 enterprises specialized in manufacturing fiber optic cables and which is also the largest consumption country of fiber optic cable and devices. However, the per capita consumption level is only about one-fifth of developed countries, therefore there will be a huge demands in the future. In the following years, industries such as smart grid, nuclear power, railways, airports, construction and household appliances etc will develop rapidly and will bring increasing demands for fiber optic cable and other related products.

Range of products:
1. Electronic cables: power cables, special cables, HV / EHV XLPE cable, new energy cables, solar / wind power cables, offshore cables, submarine cables, communication cables, fire-retardant wire and cable, fire retardant flexible cables, railway signal cables, mining cables, shielded cables, overhead lines, GM rubber cables, control cables, data signal cables, bare wires and so on.

2. Fiber optic cables: communications cables, outdoor cables, indoor fiber optic cables, special-purpose cables, cable fittings, photoelectric composite cablse, flame retardant cables, field cables, optical equipment, fiber optic communications cable attachment, single-mode fiber cables, multi-mode fiber cables, optical fiber and special devices, fiber jumpers, fiber optic patch panels, fiber optic transceivers, fiber optic adapters, photoelectric conversion, network equipment, cabinets products, integrated wiring products etc.

3. Electronic wires: power cords, cables, audio video cables, data cable, enameled wires, wires, sheathed cables, wiring harness etc.

4. Fiber cable accessories: shrink cable accessories, heat shrinkable cable accessories, pre-branch cable accessories, cold joints, insulators, composite insulators, cable accessories, alarm circuit, high-voltage circuit breakers, surge arresters, isolating switches, connectors, distribution boxes, power protection sleeve, protection, cable fittings, cable terminals, resistors, casing, capacitive casing.

5. Fiber cable equipment and materials: cable manufacturing and finishing machinery, testing equipment, wire and cable materials, cable support equipment and materials related to production and processing equipment, and other accessories.

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