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Fiber Optic Cables: Still Have Much Room for Growth
Posted: 02/26/2016 11:34:24  Hits: 564
Recently, experts stated that fiber optic cables still have much room to growth in both international and domestic market.

From over surplus to inadequacy of production capacity, Chinese fiber optic cable industry has made great progress in last year. Under implementation of several policies, such as combination of telecommunication network, broadcasting network and internet, Chinese Broadband Strategy and Internet Plus etc, the consumption of fiber optic cables is keep growing.

In 2016, there still have a strong demand for fiber optic cable and expected demand will reach 200 million kilometers of fiber optic cables which takes up more than 55% in the global market. In addition, China has inadequate capacity in producing perform with the declining import volume, domestic market is facing the situation of inadequate production capacity in fiber optic cables and related products.

In terms of future perspective, both domestic and international markets have a large room for growing of fiber optic cables. Currently, Chinese fixed-line broadband penetration rate has exceeded the global average; however, there still have a large gap compared to developed countries. We have not yet reached the Chinese Broadband Strategy and the broadband rate is extremely low in western and rural areas in China.

The Belt and Road Initiative will bring huge potential and opportunity to realize the internationalization of fiber optic industry. Chinese government attached great importance to the implementation of Internet Plus Policy and plan to invest 1.14 trillion RMB in the next three years. What’s more, China Mobile will purchase nearly 100 million kilometers of optical fiber which accounts for 30% of the world market, outnumber the sum of North American and Europe’s amount.

Form the perspective of intelligent manufacturing, information technology and manufacturing has integrated deeply and has formed new mode of production, industrial patterns, business models and economic growth. Chinese fiber optic enterprises will completely change the pattern of global optical fiber and play key role in the international market.

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