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CICOE 2016, Shanghai, May 24 to 26
Posted: 01/06/2016 05:06:39  Hits: 457
Name: 2016 China International Cabling System & Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition (CICOE).
Date: May 24 to 26, 2016.
Address: Shanghai New International Expo Centre, NO.2345 Longyang Road, Pudong District, Shanghai.
Organizers: China Association of Communication Enterprises, China Communications Standards Association.

Related Industries: 
1. Cabling System.
Intelligent home cabling system, shielding cabling system, fiber optic cabling system, security equipment and cables, management system of equipment, FTTH system and information connection boxes.
2.Fiber optical components and equipment. 
Fiber optic cables and connectors, coating and packaging technique, optical fiber manufacturing equipment, fiber optic fusion splice, patch panels, fiber polishing machine, cable transfer boxes, cable connector box, and ferrule sleeve etc.
3. Fiber optical communication system equipment.
Fiber transmission system, access equipment, multiplexers, fiber optic transceivers, interface converters, protocol converters, mode converters, modem, optical network cards, fiber channel cards, GPON system, EPON system, CWDM systems and DWDM systems etc.
4. Fiber component (active devices, passive components)
Lasers, detectors, amplifiers, repeaters, connectors, optical switches, optical add-drop multiplexers, waveguide devices, optical transceiver module, wavelength division multiplexing devices, attenuators, filters, couplers, splitters, wavelength converter, grating devices, optical circulator, optical fiber array, PLC splitter modules, optical crystal, fiber optic sensors, integrated optical devices and so on. 
5. The fiber optical communications test equipment
Optical reflectometer, optical power meter, optical loss tester, bit error rate tester, spectrum analyzer, channel analyzers, optical fiber tester.

2016 China International Cabling System & Optical Fiber Communication Exhibition will be held in Shanghai from May 24 to 26, 2016. The exhibition will offer a wonderful platform for fiber optic manufactures from home and abroad to expand their market and know more about the industry. Manufactures can take advantage of this opportunity to strength the communication between each other and acquire the latest products and information. 

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