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Little Knowledge about Cleaning Fiber Optic Connector
Posted: 06/13/2016 04:05:01  Hits: 91
I. Why don't use cotton with alcohol to clean the fiber optic?

The cleaning requirements of fiber optic connectors are much higher than that of camera lens. The fiber of cotton or the lens paper is coarse, and it is easy to cause the abrasion of fiber optic connectors. Foreign manufacturers did not use cotton balls or lens paper fiber to clean the fiber optic connector. As to the fiber optic testing instrument, it is strictly prohibited to use cotton balls or lens paper to clean the fiber optic connector. 

II. Why users need compressed gas dust removal agent? 

Compressed gas dust removal agent, also known as "gas" brush, it is particularly suitable for occasions that the conventional dedusting method does not work, and it can safely and quickly remove the surface dust, fiber flock and metal ions of precise electronic, optical instrument. Furthermore, the product is widely used in the maintenance of removing dust of various kinds of optical fiber communication, printed circuit board, electronic equipment, optical instrument, electronic computer, smart device, communications equipment, audio-visual equipment, medical equipment, advanced camera, camera and video cameras. Compressed gas dust removal agent is flexible dust, safety without damage. 

III. How to use the compressed gas dust removal agent? 

1. Hold compressed gas dedusting agent and upright the tank body, users should stand away from the cleaning things 5-10cm and yank the insurance piece on the upper part of actuator, press the actuator shortly and frequently to purge. As for the site which is difficult to reach, please use the extension tube. 

2. Do not shake or tilt the tank when used. This behavior will lead to the compressed air to outflow as liquid, which may damage the skin or frostbite the glasswork.

3. Continuous use of compressed gas dust removal agent will lead to a decline of blowing force. But it will return to normal after a period of time.

4. Please use compressed air dust in the ventilation. 

5. Compressed gas dust removal agent is pressure vessel. It should be away from the fire and placed somewhere less than 50 degrees centi degrees and children do not easily touch. What’s more, users should not pry, knock or puncture it.

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